Ethical Issues In Social Work Essay

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1. Identify ethical issues
- NASW Code of Ethics 1.06(d) and 1.07(f)(g)
The main ethical dilemma is whether to disclose the husband’s extra-marital affair to Ms. Barnes or not. According to ethics code 1.07(f) and 1.07(g), when a social worker is providing counseling to multiple groups it is their job to inform clients of their rights to confidentiality. In the case of Mr. and Mrs. Barnes, the social worker has an ethical duty to not disclose to Mrs. Barnes. The issue here is the social worker, though now aware of a major factor in the unhappiness of the Barnes’ marriage, must continue to provide counseling services to both Mrs. And Mr. Barnes – this possess a conflict of interest. Both of the Barnes’ will expect the social worker to be loyal to their side of the
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Barnes may have a better understanding of where her marriage stands •The boyfriend may have a better understanding of where his relationship stands with Mr. Barnes
- Risks:
•Mr. Barnes may lose his wife and boyfriend
•The boyfriend may feel resentful/angry
•Mr. Barnes may be reprimanded at work if someone found out
•Mrs. Barnes may not want to engage in therapy and feel mistrust towards the social worker and her husband

b) Social worker completely dismisses the comments Mr. Barnes has made about the affair. Social worker takes on the attitude, “if you do not have a problem with it, then we do not need to talk about it”. The social worker continues to see Mr. and Mrs. Barnes in individual and couples counseling without ever discussing the affair or encouraging Mr. Barnes to be honest with his wife or boyfriend.
- Benefits:
•Mr. Barnes will continue to see his boyfriend and his wife
•Mr. Barnes will have short-term happiness
•Mrs. Barnes can work on her marriage without dealing with sensitive information
- Risks:
•Mr. Barnes will experience undue stress by continuing to live two lives
•Mrs. Barnes will not learn the truth about the affair
•The boyfriend will not learn the truth about the
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