Ethics And Sustainability Analysis Of Apple's Ethics

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Apple Inc, later Apple was established in 1977 and was registered on the NASDAQ global Select market exchange (Investor Relations, 2012). According to 10-K Apple form, apple design manufactures and market mobile communication, media devices, portable digital music players, sell variety of related software services, networking solutions and third party digital content and applications (Form 10-K, 2006). Apple products are sold through Apple retail stores, online store and third parties. According to the article published by Cristina A. Cedillo Torres (2011) Apple net sales were estimated at $108.2 million. It 's net sales in 2011 increased by 60% compared to 2010. In 2012, Apple took 70% of all profit generated by smart phone market while Samsung is at second with 25% Limited transparency of Apple 's suppliers has been many times criticized in media (Branigan, Workers killed in blast at China plant of iPad maker Foxconn, 2011). In February 2010 Apple turned down two of its shareholder 's sustainability proposals to set up a sustainability report on Apple 's environmental policies and the impact that changes the climate. The other proposal was to establish a board of directors sustainability committee (Roos, 2010). Labor and human rights A very famous conflict involving Apple 's suppliers is the incident of suicide at Foxconn (Reuters, 2011). It is the largest manufacturer of electronic in the world. Foxconn is the manufacturer of iPhones and iPads and it employs more than

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