Ethics And The New Genetics The Dalai Lama Analysis

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Our morals and ethical beliefs are something that to most people are taken very seriously and in a lot of individual 's lives they are seen as guidelines to live by. Ask yourself what the world would potentially be like without our morals and ethical values. From a personal understanding of morals and ethics, I believe that the world would soon become a disastrous place. There would be nothing to live by and no right or wrong decisions; also the world would see much more crime and dangerous activity. Think about medicine, and how patients would be treated and the procedures that could be created without ethical and moral background. Even today with the concepts of ethics and morals involved there are still major controversies about whether things such as abortion are to be considered ethical or not. Both the Dalia Lama as well as Barbara Kingsolver argue the…show more content…
The topics that he mentions involve things such as genetic manipulation as well as cloning. He begins by mentioning how this has been simply used for the growth of plants and crops, but he questions where this is potentially leading and how the future of the environment could potentially be destroyed in many ways. He makes a strong argument about this by saying, "But by doing these things, we are changing the genetic makeup, and do we really know what the long-term impact will be on the species of plants, on the soil, on the environment? There are obvious commercial benefits, but how do we judge what is really useful?" (133). Although he is initially talking about the effects cloning and genetic manipulation has on the plant he then continues on and opens a whole new door to this conversation of cloning. He explains that although this may be a possible way to resolve our needs, it still does have many possible downsides. He then introduces another valuable point by
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