Ethics And Virtues In The Film Boondock Saints

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The movie Boondock Saints is the perfect movie to explore the subject of ethics. The movie pushes the boundaries of what is right and wrong. Virtues are a big part of the lives of the MacManus brothers who live their lives built on a set of virtues. Their virtues include if you hurt people, they will find you and you are going to get what you deserve. Aristotle says to live well is to live in accordance with virtues. Virtues that are morally good are right. I think the MacManus brothers display master morality. In their minds there are only good and bad people. I think for the MacManus brothers everything is black and white, either you are good and help others or you are evil and hurt others. Niche mass morality makes own morals. Utilitarianism…show more content…
Moral virtues are acquired from doing good just to be good and becomes a habit. Intellectual virtue is acquired through wisdom and practice. The MacManus brothers have both of these. They kill those who hurt people to help people who are being affected by them. They use intellectual virtue by their wisdom of the Bible and what they believe God asked them to do. Plato believed that a just life is superior to an unjust, intrinsically and instrumentally. I believe that Plato would agree with the MacManus brothers ways somewhat. They are fighting for a just life for everyone around them. I don't think Plato would agree with how they are going to achieve this by killing everyone who is evil. Those who do harm to others should be punished to the extent of the seriousness of their crime. If someone kills someone in cold blood, I believe they should be put away for the rest of their life no matter how old they are. I believe the nature of the punishment should match their crime. The people who make the laws should be the ones to be tasked with finding facts and determining the appropriate punishment. Whether you get your laws from the government or a higher power, everyone still deserves a right to a fair trial. Natural justice is important part of our society. There is no way to know which laws are better the governments or God’s law. Equity is justice with ethical
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