Ethics: Ethics And Ethical Issues In Maldives

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The vital instruments based in Maldives to cater the ethical issues in MPS

Ethics determines the rule or a principle follows by an individual in certain groups. It is the moral philosophy of a person about what is right or wrong. The person’s ethics are based on the belief of culture, religion and society. Ethics is important in decision making hence it is related to every part of life, the responsibilities, behaviors and values. As ethics play vital part in every individual’s life the instruments to tackle with ethical issues are important for all the cultures, societies and organizations. Therefore this essay will focus some instruments which are made to minimize or to maintain the ethical issues of Maldives Police service (MPS). Further, the role of instruments to cater ethical issues such as professional standard Department (PSD), Police Integrity commission (PIC), Human rights Commission of Maldives (HRCM), Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) and National Integrity commission (NIC) will be discussed in the essay.

Maldives Police service (MPS) as a law enforcement Organization, has got many powers and discretion from the law which is not available to the general public. Such as stop and search, authority to demand for identifiable information and officers has the right to request for public assistance and make the use of property of the public. As in every organization there are people who misuse the power so it is important to accountable the action or to maintain the
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