Animal Cruelty Argumentative Essay

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Cruelty is one fashion statement we all can do without. Each year around millions of animals- mice, dogs, cats, etc. are killed in laboratories for biology lessons, medical training, experimentation and vastly testing (PETA,2015). Around the globe, large number of products ranging from shampoos to cosmetic products to household products use animals to test upon. Animals are basically used for the research in these three fields: biomedical research, product security evaluation, education. Questions have been raised with regard to ethics involving animal testing. Animal testing is cruel and inhumane. While experimentation is working on animals, animals languish in pain, suffer from frustration and long to be free (PETA,2015). Basically, animals are used in such a procedure because they are cheap or they provide results for the betterment of people. But the main question here lies, is it okay for them to be wrapped with pain and not us? Hypocrisy does its way here too. Experimentation using animals…show more content…
A 2009 study shows certain flaws in majority of the animal studies using primates. 87% of the studies were proved to be flawed as animals and humans are genetically different, results vary too. (Carol Kilkenny,2009). But to continue the process, to prove their hypothesis, scientists continue to use animals repeatedly. This causes a lot of cost. In a research it is shown that such animal tests are more expensive than alternative methods and are waste of dollars. For example: “An unscheduled DNA synthesis” test cost $32,000 while the alternative costs around, $11,000. A “rat phototoxity test” costs around $11,500 whereas a non-animal one costs only $1,300. (Kath (Placeholder2)leen Conlee,2013). Since the majority of animals are killed during or after the testing, the lives of animals are sacrificed for poor research that ends up to be flawed with a wastage of
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