Ethics In Computer Ethics

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Computer Ethics
Computer ethics is set of principles and guidelines that are not codified by law. Ethical decisions helps IT professionals to resolve problems that they encounter in the context of their work place. Computer ethics thus act as a guidelines or philosophy that explains how IT professionals need to make decision concerning their profession and social conduct. However computer ethics has long been causing trouble in decision making. There are various problems solving method used in issues related to computer ethics. Ethical issues sometimes do not have definite answers. IT professionals should follow certain procedures, starting from stating the ethical problems, followed by facts checking and using ones common sense by making considerations
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Some of the common issues related to computer are intellectual property rights, privacy and computer’s effect on society. With the advancement of new technology, the computer has a greater impact on human life and the society. Computer ethics thus promotes the discussion of how much influence the computer should have on society.
IT professionals have powerful abilities in maintaining the system security, accessing the confidential data of the company as well as the employees working in the company and company’s networks and systems. We learn how to perform many task using computer but we never realize how these abilities can be misused. So the computer ethics can be helpful in guiding the IT professionals towards performing better in benefit to the society. If computer ethics had not been studied we wouldn’t have even realized that our profession involves ethical
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To do that the company can install a system to warn management when an employee sends or receives email from the same address. The employees should be trained and informed about the code of ethics before he gets involved into some illegal activities. With evolution and inventions of new technologies ethics also changes with time. Studying the computer ethics have helped me evaluate what is right and what is wrong depending on the situation. There are two ways to approach towards resolving the conflicting issues. They are consequences-based where the priority is given to the choices that lead to good outcome and the other is rule-based ethics where the priority is given to following the rules without undue regard to the outcome. However the ethical issues have long been causing trouble. No people thank the same way. Each person has their own way of thinking and perspective. So somehow the legal doctrine need to codify these contextual and complicated courses of action. I came to understand the importance of code of ethics by seeing many possible ethical
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