Ethics In Health And Social Care Essay

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Provision 9, is about the nursing profession and all other professions and organizations in the health care field. They must articulate nursing values, maintain the integrity of the profession, and integrate principles of social justice into nursing and health policy. Articulation and assertion of values discuss how nurses have affirmed core values that we all strive to have to be able to provide the best quality of care. These core values though may be jeopardized when confronted with a conflict. This section in provision 9 does not greatly expand further, but throughout all of the other provisions, this is not a new topic as through the case studies done weekly, we are able to practice our nursing judgements and ethics to resolve case studies. Integrity of the profession is something I have discussed prior to reading this chaper. My mom has told me before how much the nursing profession has changed from her time in college to mine. This also goes for all aspects that create the Health Field. Everything is always being…show more content…
Social ethics is affected by how society is shaped and is a primary concern of being able to integrate social justice. I agree with the book that it is not greatly talked about in the curriculum how to be able to influence organizational and policy changes with the tools needed for social criticism and social change. Over time as the healthcare develops a stronger form of ethics, this will become more achievable. Social justice in nursing and health policy is observed throughout history. Nursing is always changing and always growing through social and moral changes. I think this is good as it creates a more ethical social justice and health policy. As a future nurse I will have to be ready to take action to make a change through actively participating in the development of healthcare to make the world a more holistic healing
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