Ethics In Law Enforcement Essay

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When it comes to having and being able to maintain a strong moral code, front line patrol officers are the perfect example of what law enforcement requires. To ensure front line patrol officers maintain a strong moral code, they must be able to keep their integrity on and off duty. Officers should have this characteristic before they are hired and should be open for the police academy to repair and strengthen them. Law enforcement requires not only physical strength within the policing work field but also strength within one’s values and their ethical as well as moral beliefs. ‘’Values is the term given to those ideas, behaviors, and actions that are important to us. Values are those things worth fighting for, and those things worth sacrificing…show more content…
‘’Most officers enter law enforcement with minimal experience in the field or in handling the moral dilemmas that officers typically encounter. They learn how to perform their jobs, as well as recognize the organizational norms, values, and culture, from their peers and supervisors. While supervisors provide direct, formal reinforcement, officers’ peers offer friendship and informal rewards that, in many cases, hold greater influence than official recognition from the agency’’ (Fitch, 2011). Officers who come across situations where they are unsure what is morally and ethically best to do often turn to their peers for assurance and guidance. Good ethical behavior can easily be influenced by officers and those in law enforcement. Because of this community, it shapes officers to want to adapt to behaviors, attitude and values of others to gain some sort of acceptance. In the academy officers will be tested in many different scenarios where morals will come into play. This will show the academy your weaknesses and strengths and where you stand when it comes to establishing what is right from wrong. An example of an ethical testing to new officers would be the test of a free coffee. It has said that senior officers are curious to what new recruits are to accepting gratuities. Some may say a cup of free coffee would seem like no harm but it
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