Ethical Issues In Consulting

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In this paper, we intend to summarize an ethical case in the industry of consulting. This particular case will be discussed based on a conducted interview with Tamás, a consultant professional, who has been in the consulting industry for numerous years, worked on several projects and leads his teams at his current company by now. Due to his wide range of experience, he assisted us with several anecdotes regarding his work. We used these anecdotes to set up a case study to be analysed.
“Ethics has been an important issue on the professional agenda for many years.” (Poulfelt, 1997, p. 65). Ethics is crucial in management consulting and while consultants can maintain high personal and professional values, they do not necessarily
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Both have occurred during an assignment Tamás has taken when his company had to deliver a project including its implementation. The consultancy was aware, that the project cannot be finished with the assigned project team in the means of number and expertise as well. So they needed to involve a third party, but there was one small roadblock: the company they were working for had prohibited the use of any subcontractors in the contract, leaving the work exclusively to the consultancy. At the first place, they could have said, that they are not capable of the required work, but as he said, if a consultant “see the slightest chance to successfully do it by any means, then she is going to say that she knows what needs to be done and takes it” (Appendix 1), because if she does not do it, another consultancy will, even if they have less awareness of the situation and the original consultant loses money. The question arises: Is it ethical? Our interviewee thinks…show more content…
As the client has forbidden to involve any subcontractor the company had to quickly hire a new college for that particular project. Many risks might arise regarding this case. First of all hiring a new college might be risky as it is not guaranteed that the expertise she has is adequate or if she has the expertise at all. It as well can be questioned how ethical it is to take a project informing the client that they have all the resources and expertise to do a certain project and risk that it might not be
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