Ethics In Medi Case 1: Disney, The Walt Disney Company

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“An ethical life is built of integrity, honestly, kindness, decency & belief in truth, justice, honor, respect, love, compassion and working together to make life better,” Janet Dickens (Dickens, 2012).
While there are different approaches to best practices and ethics in media, the best way to describe ethics and best practices in media would be when a company uses its power for the good of humanity to make a positive social change. “There are numerous studies that show that companies with high ethical standards perform better than those who cut corners and fudge the truth… companies with high ethical standards enjoy more customer loyalty,” (Rosen, 2010). Journalism is regulated by the Society of Professional Journalism (SPJ) and their core values; objectivity, fairness, balance, diversity, transparency, honesty etc. The purpose of this paper is to outline some companies who make a positive impact on the world – whether it is online, in advertisements, in a movie or by contributing in corporate social responsibility (CSR). Case 1: Disney
To children, The Walt Disney Company (Disney) is an establishment based on magic and imagination. To the rest of the world, Disney is a worldwide mass media corporation and one of the largest broadcasting and cable companies. Apart from providing a variety of media services, Disney takes pride in practicing social responsibility. Being the world’s largest media and entertainment corporation, “Disney has a tremendous responsibility to
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