Ethics In Project Management

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• "A unique, transient endeavour, undertaken to achieve a desired outcome. " (APM, 2006)
• "A complex, non-routine, one-time effort limited by time, budget, resources and performance specifications designed to meet customer needs." (Gray and Larson, 2006)
Project Management
“The application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements.” (PMBOK 2004)
Project Management startegy
PMS is related to the effects of Planning, Structure and operations which effects mainly to
Project success. Humen Resource Managemnt recently gets bit more attention than before. HRM is among one of six fundamental roots defined by International institute of project managemnt (P.M Book).
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Ignoring of ethics can cause some serious consequences to individuals and organization progress . To avoid such problems its neceassry to provide project managers specific tools that can safe them and organization from risk. These tools are " Defining constraints of Ethics and places within project management context , explaining code of ethics , issues that may arise unethical behaviour, how ethical problems can effect project life cycle." ( Ralph L. Kliem PMP, 2011) .
To maintain project success , Ethics tested very keenly while dealing with international programmes. Importance of culture highlighted in this matter .Differentiation of culture can cause effects ethically to the project success. It is project manager duty to chose team according to thier culture to avoid further failures. (Cagle, Ronald B , 2005)
• Role of Politics and Communication
• Success of projects is mainly depends upon the role of project manager . Project managers approach to understand the importance of Organization Politics and tactics to use this for success of Projects is make him successful manager . Mostly we take politics as negative or distastefulness factor , but this is true that competent project managers use suitable political tactics to achieve thier project success. (Jeffrey K Pinto ,
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The project objectives must be effectively communicated and progress is monitored. The stakeholders must be onboard and any uncertain situation must be communicated and resolved. good communication increases the chances of success because every team member must clearly know the purpose, objective and responsibility to perform. (PMI ,May 2013) . Statically it has been proved that about 74% projects are fail to achieve their goals due to poor communication. By observing closely three phases of projects i.e Intiation , executing , closing we should able to know the importance of communication in each phase of project management. (Anita Mehta )

Organization structure in project Management
Organization structure is basically a framework or a body along which organization employs or organization is supervised and tasks are assigned. Role of organization structure in project management is very important because it is depend upon mainly the procedure follows in organizations for , such as resources allocation method in projects , Flexibility allowed to the employs on certain projects , ways of Interactions among project teams while working on different projects. (Wisegeek)
There are three different forms of organizations on the basis of thier structure .
. Functional organization

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