Ethics In The Kitty Genovese Case

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When an individual sees another individual being attacked, in most instances it is almost instinctual to help a person in need. Although most people may feel this way, there are some individuals who may not feel the same and may internally contemplate the situation at hand and some who may not take action at all. When it comes to compromising situations, such as that of the Kitty Genovese case, ones ethics play a significant role in deciphering the difference between right and wrong. While reaching a conscionable ethical decision in this particular scenario, aspects of ones morality, regional laws, and religion come into mind. Although all of the ethical mediums mentioned above serve as justifiable resolutions to such a tragic event, each…show more content…
With this being said, an informed individual may be less driven to help another person due to the fact that they want to avoid a run in with the law themselves. When it comes to morality, it is not contingent upon ones religious background or the laws that govern the state or province in which they live, rather ones morality is contingent upon the guiding principles that govern said individuals life. For example, when it comes to the scenario described above, ones morals may tell them that intervening and placing themselves in harms way is not justifiable and surpasses practicability. Whereas another individuals morals may tell them to adhere to the ideal of universalizability, which means that they a lot the same action to another that they would want done onto them and thusly they would get involved. With all of these things in mind, ones morality is not strictly limited to their religion or laws but rather what they find to be permissible and

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