Ethics Of Abortion Essay

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It is my opinion that abortion can be morally permissible. I believe that the right to continue or terminate a pregnancy is something that the woman should have control over. Abortion is an extremely personal decision. I’m not saying that there aren’t other suitable options available, I’m simply stating that the woman should have the right to make the best decision for herself. After all, it IS her body. I do not feel as though a fetus is considered a person until after it is birthed. That being said, I do think that the best and safest time to have the procedure done is early within the pregnancy. Specifically, the first trimester. The risks, emotionally, physically and psychologically are lower than a late term abortion and in most cases…show more content…
I don’t feel as though these objections undermine my opinion because women alone get a lot of grief and judgment when it comes to the subject of abortion. There are two people who are involved in creation of a fetus and the decision to terminate a pregnancy may be reached alone or by both potential parents but, it is the ultimately the woman who experiences the judgment for the decision. Let’s say that pregnancy happens not as a result of something tragic like rape, but simply irresponsibility. The combined ethical theories approach I proposed didn’t necessarily help me determine my position on this controversial subject, but I do think that for this subject, perhaps Virginia Held’s “ethics of care” might be more appropriate. Held says that the central focus of the ethics of care is attending to and meeting the needs of others whom we care for and take responsibility for. Abortion could be seen as a way that the mother IS caring for the fetus AND taking moral responsibility for her actions. By refusing to bring a child into the world when they know that they cannot adequately care or provide for them, they are indeed making the best decision for both of them. Caring enough to come to the conclusion that you are not fit to be a parent is proof that you are putting the needs of another in front of
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