Personal Ethics Essay

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Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ethics as, “the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation.” Righteousness and virtuous are a few words I would use to define the term ethics. But where do our ethics truly arise from? From birth, we begin to learn things from our homes and community that shapes the way we view things. The cycle of socialization as describe by Bobbie Harro in Readings for Diversity and Social Justice plays a huge role in determining what values and ethics we carry on throughout our lifetime. When analyzing ethics, it is hard to determine whether the choices we make are justified or ethical. Throughout my growth I have experience many situations that caused me to question my values and…show more content…
There’s been times in my life where I surrounded myself with negative energy and let it influence me to otherwise become negative myself. I found myself being someone I wasn’t and vowed to myself to strive to keep a positive attitude with everything I do and everywhere I go. I feel this has driven me not only to self-love and being my true self but to be able to pass love unto others freely. Another ethics I hold dearly is the belief that through determination and perseverance anything is possible. I was never handed anything I have accomplished in life. I have always had to work through blood, sweat and tears to achieve where I am today. Even with setbacks it easy to give up on yourself but I remind myself to count my blessings. Where I am today being not where I was yesterday or last week, not even a year ago I was here. I came from living in near poverty conditions to be able to attend college and have food, clothes and a home. With all my success, I know the conditions I lived in previously many people are still living in it today has overall made me be a better human being. It has made me want to be an advocate for change around the world and not just myself or my family. Although this can be difficult because a person can only carry so much weight on their back, its also important to acknowledge the role society, cultural and family has played in shaping who you are as an
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