Ethics Report: Net Neutrality

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To: Rosemary Horowitz From: Felix Chan Date: April 30, 2015 Subject: Ethics report Introduction Define topic “Network neutrality is the concept that broadband Internet service providers should provide nondiscriminatory access to Internet content, platforms, etc., and should not manipulate the transfer of data regardless of its source or destination. “(dictionary) Net neutrality is a rule to the internet that preserve its freedom and openness. The Federal Communications Commission or as known as FCC is acted to enforce net neutrality but in January 2014 the court stripped the FCC of its power. Since then companies begins to exploiting technologies by monitoring and controlling data over their network. (Free press) Data collection…show more content…
I choose the data online because it is the most readily available to me to research network neutrality, as well as large amount of information that can gather online. The limitation on gathering information on net neutrality online is that the sampling is limited to online resource. I use Google to search all my resources and the limitation to that I am depend on the algorithm that google use to search its web based. The reliability of online data collection can vary depending of the source the outlet uses. Validity is also depends on the source. All of the data I collect rely on the information the outlet provide. I choose the aclu on featuring what is net neutrality because it came from a reliable resource as well as one of the top search in google. Base upon the new york time and the guardian definition of net neutrality, aclu summary and definition gives the most simplistic and the most information out of those three. The sampling is small of only three source The new york times and the guardian are one of the well known news outlet and the information they provide is reliable internally. The Validity externality of these two new outlet true to its data they…show more content…
It is become a diverse web of many network and hosts tightly connected to each other. Due to current net neutrality laws, these networks can send and receive data to each other free from additional costs. Without net neutrality sending and receiving data will not longer be free. Network operators will regulate traffic more closely to maximize profit rather providing reliable service. While net neutrality can cause some problems for content and end-user, but the benefits outweighs the problems. Net neutrality benefits new developers opportunity to share their idea to the world without financially destroying them. If the net neutrality is abolish broadband providers benefits while bring harm to content providers and change how the internet works. Changing the internet provide difficult issues to many place but if no one touch the internet all is good.

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