Ethiopia Swot Analysis

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Ethiopia is a sovereign state situated in the Horn of Africa. It imparts an outskirt to Eritrea toward the north and upper east, Djibouti and Somalia toward the east, Sudan and South Sudan toward the west, and Kenya toward the south. With about 100 million occupants, Ethiopia is the most crowded land locked nation on the planet, and additionally the second-most crowded country on the African landmass after Nigeria. It involves an aggregate zone of 1,100,000 2km, and its capital and biggest city is Addis Ababa.

India, formally the Republic of India, is a nation in South Asia. It is the 7th biggest nation by zone, the 2nd most crowded nation (with more than 1.2 billion individuals), and the most crowded majority rules system
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Environmental condition to harvest and cultivate tea crops is highly favorable in Ethiopia. Ethiopia’s is gifted with great amount of highlands. Tea farming typically requires cool and humid climate with heavy precipitation.
The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) is the Ethiopian government service which directs the rural and country improvement strategies of Ethiopia on a Federal level. The forces and obligations of the MoA include: preservation and utilization of backwoods and natural life assets, sustenance security, water use and little scale water system, observing occasions influencing rural improvement and early cautioning framework, advancing farming advancement, and building up and giving agribusiness and country innovation training.
Tea Sector in agriculture investments is commendable for credit approach of the government. For tea division activities investors are asked for to give 30% down payment and the bank propels up to 70% advance. Ventures that include horticulture and floriculture, cotton, livestock and others that are considered to can possibly create foreign currency are naturally considered credit-commendable.

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