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Ethnic Autobiography Obesity is a problem that is far more prevalent within the African American community than other racial and ethnic groups of Americans and this is particularly true among younger people (Delva et al., 2007a). The exact explanation for this is elusive and has both genetic and dietary components (Delva et al., 2007b). The proposed project is in two distinct phases. The first phase is to collect information, both through conducting surveys and through reviews of the literature, to determine why this is the case. The second phase of the proposed project is to apply this knowledge by creating a teaching plan that the African American community can use to reduce the incidence and severity of obesity. While it is not possible…show more content…
There is a developed network of health care and social workers in the East Baltimore Midway neighborhood and it is felt that liaisons with these people will provide much information of value in terms of collecting the data in the first phase of the proposed project. It is believed that affiliations with people who are already established in the neighborhood will facilitate the data collection process and the eventual teaching.
Three Measurable Learning Objectives There are several measurable learning objectives that can be measured against the results obtained with a control group chosen from the neighborhood. There are several dimensions to this problem that can be considered. Three such measures are weight loss of program participants, versus the control group, blood pressure of the program participants versus the control group and serum cholesterol numbers of the people participating in the program versus the control group. As already noted all of these (and more) are associated with obesity and its consequences (Grundy, 2004).
Teaching Methods and
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