Ethnic Conflict In Pakistan

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Territoriality has been another dominant cause for sowing seeds of conflicting state of affairs among completely different ethnic teams of various regions of Pakistan. Problems like distribution of economic resources, water-sharing downside between provinces and dominant position of group created a sense of hatred among disadvantaged ethnic identities. The 1956 constitution had three lists of powers like federal, provincial and concurrent. This constitution remained unable to resolve the matter of provincial autonomy as a result of individuals of Bangla Desh and disadvantaged provinces of Asian nation weren't proud of Punjabi domination. The 1962 constitution provided for a presidential type of government. The provincial governors performed…show more content…
The arians of Toba Tek Singh, the Makhdoom of Hala and Chaudhris of Gujrat ethnicity and ethnic conflict in Islamic Republic of Pakistan would vote for his or her own social group. There's a series of main castes and sub-castes. For the nowadays totally different caste teams become dormant however again emerge with new name. Caste –based conflicts typically may be observed throughout the elections. Electoral method is one amongst the foremost variables that may contribute in determining the role of various castes teams in politics. During…show more content…
There are many ethnic groups in Pakistan i.e. Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, Pakhtun, Siraiki. These grops are divided on various tyes like caste, language, religion, nationality and regional. Since the independence of Pakistan, it has been facing many conflicts on the basis of nationalism, regional separatism, religious and political ideology. Politics, economics, scares resources, demographic, histrory and culture are the main causes of the conflict that occurred in Pakistan. These are the factors which give birth to violent conflicts among different etnic groups. National solidarity and integration can only be secured when they give adequate representation to each grop according to constitution to decide their own future and make their decision freely. They should be given an opportunity to express their cultural identity. Rthnic conflict come into existence when they face an imbalance in the society when the element of domination prevail in the society. So, in order to avoid conflict in a society when economic resources should be equally distributed to each ethnic group. Political system should have capability to articulate accrding to their proper intellectual

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