Ethnic Conflict In Rwanda

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This research paper first briefly outline what is behind the meaning of ethnic conflict as well as the background of the mass murder and the genocide. The research will also outline the types of violence that were behind this genocide in Rwanda. The research will also look at who the organizers of the genocide were, who the killers were, who the victims were, and the patterns of killings. It will then go on and highlight what were the major causes of this genocide and then finally how the violence was solved.
Ethnic Conflict
Ethnic conflict is a term loaded with often legitimate negative associations and entirely unnecessary confusions. The most important confusion is that ethnic conflicts are about ethnicity— ‘ethnicity is not
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The extremists were men and women in control of all the organs of the state power, which, over the months and years, they directed into their genocidal project. “Hutu extremism” is a bland name for a genocidal ideology, the provenance of which is examined.
The killing was an attempt to unite the Hutu behind an extremist platform dedicated to the eradication of the Tutsi and all moderate political opposition. The extremists played upon deep fears and frustrations in the Hutu populace, at all levels. Economic crisis was threatening prospects of unemployment for many salaried people. There was a serious problem of access to land for young men. Rwandese popular culture has, since independence, played upon myths of the Tutsi as historic “invaders” of a different race, and perpetrators of injustice. Playing on these themes, the extremists’ propaganda proved highly effective. The journal Kangura and the Radio-Télévision Libre des Mille Collines (RTLM) were particularly efficient at pushing the Hutu extremist
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Verbally attack the victims, deny – even in the face of the clearest evidence – that any physical violence is taking place or has taken place and fudge the responsibility issue so that, although there are victims, the killers’ identities remain vague and undefined, almost merging into non-existence, when talking to your supporters never claim any ‘credit’ for what you are actually doing but hint at the great benefits derived from the nameless thing which has been done, shaing complicity in the unspoken secret with your
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