Ethnic Disparity In Criminal Justice Essay

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Inbalance in the Criminal Justice System Racial Disparity in the criminal justice system is when a certain ethnic group that does not represent the majority of the population is in charge or holds more power within the system than other ethnic groups. A misrepresentation of ethnicity with the Criminal Justice System. This misrepresentation can lead to the assumption that people of different ethnic backgrounds and the same crime will be treated differently within the criminal justice system. But, in some cases this assumption becomes reality. This reality is what must change. This reality that White, Black, Hispanic and Asian criminals can and will be treated differently even though they have committed similar crimes must be done away with. How to go about it is the where the issue lies. Do you incarcerate more white criminals to help…show more content…
Racial and Ethnic Disparities actually begin before one even enters the Criminal Justice System. It all starts with Discrimination, a term that has been poisoning the world’s most ethnically diverse country for decades. And from Discrimination stems the problem of Disparity. The topic of Disparity and Discrimination go hand in hand. Robert Simpson brings an insightful point to the table when he writes, “ Race and Ethnic disparities in violent offending and victimization are pronounced and long standing. Black’s, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, suffer much higher rates of robbery and homicide victimization than do whites. Homicide is the leading cause of death among young black males and females These differences result in part from social forces that ecologically concentrate race with poverty and other social dislocations” (311). This suggests that certain races and ethnicities are predisposed to certain crimes and the reason behind this is the results of long standing social forces and bias that have been embedded in American
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