Ethnic Diversity In Texas Essay

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In 1994, Texas overtook New York as the nation’s second populated state. By the year 2020, Texas is hypothesized to have a medium population of 24.5 million and with a maximum estimate of 29 million. With the increase in population, there is bound to be an increase in racial and ethnic diversity. According to the U.S Census Bureau (1970-1990), by 2020, Texas will no longer have a majority population due to the increase in Hispanics, African Americans, and Asians. (Bouvier, Leon F., and John L. Martin) One of the most evident challenges that is presented to the Texas government is the quality of education that minorities receive. Education is a primary necessity that would further boost the type of occupation and income that an individual…show more content…
Counselors will give attention to their students that they are assigned to. This in turn will allow the counselor to evaluate the student’s performance and communicate with the student if any issues arise. (Jerald, Craig) By having this accountability, the students can realign their focus thus increasing graduation rate. Furthermore, racial and ethnic diversity provides the opportunity to enrich cultural knowledge. An educational environment provides students with various ethnicities the opportunity to discover the cultures of those around them. However, this can only occur if all those students stay in school. Responding to this issue will allow minorities to achieve higher status jobs thus enabling them to be more represented in government. As more individuals of a minority are educated, they will be able to run for public offices and reveal policies that would benefit a greater proportion of Texas. Additionally, those that have an acceptable amount of wealth tend to participate more in government whether through office or just voting in elections. Individuals that work to survive and surpass their poverty tend to be rooted in their occupations rather than governmental

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