Ethnic Groups In Malaysia

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Introduction The ethnic group in Malaysia are very diverse and have their own customs based on their culture that has been pass down through generations. The same habits are still being practised by the ethnic groups on a regular basis. This does affect their attitude and consumer behaviour in their lives such as the level or type of media exposure, food and apparel preferences, political behavior, leisure activities and their willingness to try new products. The two ethnic groups that I will discuss are the Malay ethnic and the Indian ethnic. These two races have very distinctive cultures and beliefs they practice in Malaysia. Malay Ethnic Values and beliefs The Malays are one of the biggest quantities of individuals in Malaysia. In light of the Malaysia Demographics Profile in the year 2014, the rate of Malay subjects in Malaysia is 50.1%. As Muslim, the Malays have solid convictions in the idea of Supreme Being-Allah the Almighty. Some of their qualities and convictions are their clothing regulation. Some Malay men wear a dark velvet top, the songkok, ordinary, numerous wear it just on Fridays. Friday is the Muslim heavenly day. Every Friday, Muslims go to congregational supplications to God at the mosque or surau (house of prayer). They may change garments for this, wearing an Arab style robe, a free coat and sarong, or a suit with a sarong around the waist. Men must cover their heads. Malay ladies may pick between wearing western style garments, or

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