Ethnic Groups In Rwanda

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In April to July of 1994, a populous ethnic group called the Hutu slaughtered at least 800,000 people in Rwanda, Africa. Rwanda was split into three ethnic groups: The Twa, the Hutu, and the Tutsi. Majority of the people of Rwanda were Hutu, and the minority were the Tutsi. Although the Tutsi were the minority, the overall rule of the Kingdom of Rwanda were Tutsi.

When Belgium received control over Rwanda, they invented an identification system to the people. The people of Rwanda were each required to have an identification card telling whether they were Hutu, Tutsi, or Twa. The Hutu were put in major positions. Elections were held for some positions, and since the Hutu were the majority they were chosen often. Even though the Tutsi were
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However, the discrimination of the Tutsi who still remained in Rwanda continued.
In 1973, the abuse of the Tutsi began again, but this time the military came to join in. Hutu students at the Rwandan school, the National University in Butare were even used to scatter the mistreatment and abuse of the Tutsi in all schools in Rwanda. Major- General Juvenal Habyarimana used all this violence an excuse to take power and promised national unity. He got eliminated all political parties except his own. This just created an agitated peace that only lasted for eight years.
One of Habyarimana’s policies included “proportional distribution” of national resources. This policy made the tension between the two ethnic groups strengthen. Tutsis were then lessened to the places in high schools and universities. The military was barely an option anymore. More and More Tutsis were moving to nearby countries to get away from the unfairness and abuse.
Soon the Hutu were even getting treated badly by the north-controlled government. The economy’s situation got worse with famine, stealing of tax and assistance money, and government corruption. These unfortunate happenings made Hutu-Tutsi tension strain even
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Their plane was blown up over Kigali. Nobody knows who blew up the plane. There are different beliefs. Some say it was his own followers, because he signed a peace treaty with the RPF. Others say it was the Tutsi, but the day after various murders took place. Hutu who differed with the government and the Tutsi were both targeted.
The murders were carried out by the Hutu official that took over the government. The RTLM (Radio Television des Mille Collines) announced to the population to keep an out out for the “enemies” and if they were to see them to kill them. Tutsi and Hutu who were able fled to other countries. While this was taking place, the RPF once again invaded Rwanda. In July 1994, the RPF finally vanquished the entire country and stopped all the murders. A new government was created that had members of many parties but left out the ones that caused the terrible genocide. Some of the refugees that left returned to Rwanda. The genocide took about 1 million Rwandan lives leaving many widows and

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