Ethnic Integration In Malaysia

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Ethnic integration only existed in Malaysia when our leader would want to prevent another “13th May 1969” tragic racial riot event recurred again. This riot took place in Kuala Lumpur and hundred of innocent people killed because of the racial tension existed between the Malay and the Chinese.

This black history event set an example where we need to fully understand that in every ethics or race there are different culture occur. We use the model of Koentjaraningrat (2002) culture’ view, to illustrate the definition of culture where according to Koentjaraniangrat , he greatly stated culture term as the overall thinking and human creation solely through a process of life learning. In his culture’s model, culture consist of seven (7) elements
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It promote culture in a form of dance or martial arts ; lately as sports among all the Chinese communities. The dance move, craftsmanship and decorative means in form of couplet. It also have the value to appreciate the language of Chinese. However in Malaysia, lion dance is not solely meant for the Chinese. It has evolved to promote unity and the tradition meaning of integration. It has become an icon for the youth to learn the martial arts appreciation and building sound mind. This tradition also involve the craftsmanship in building the head of the lion dance. From this example, it illustrate in culture consist…show more content…
For example, a person that have low CGPA would let that person difficult in getting a job. Stereotype is solely based on a negative thinking toward a specific ethnic with a general impression. For example, during the British colonial time the Malay being labelled lazy. Discrimination is known as an act that differentiated certain individual or a different group of ethnic with certain ethnic criteria. For example, A Chinese girl look down an India girl because the the Chinese girl feel that she is fairer in the class. Ethnocentrism is known as feeling of “we” among certain ethnic group. It exist because of culture that would want to unify the same value, character and social living. While Ethnocentric is known as feeling superior and better than certain ethnic group. Race is based on a group of social identity that have collective characteristic based on physical outlook or biological such as colour of skin, hair and eyes. Racism is based on a social group view other group’s physical outlook. Lastly, nation known as a group or race where share the common history, traditional, culture, language, norms or

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