Reflection On The Glass Castle

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Theo-Ethnic Reflection The role of mission work in the life of Christian nurses is significant. I believe that all Christians are called to work as the hands and feet of God. This calling in the lives of Christian nurses is specifically geared towards health promotion and healing. We should be imitating Christ in our care for others and promoting Shalom in their lives. We are called to be Christ-like and much of Christ’s ministry in the New Testament involves healing others physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Jesus met the needs of the people that he encountered, and that is what Christian nurses are called to do as well. Christian nurses should also reflect the love that God has given us. God calls us to love Him and to love and serve others.
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Her family never had a lot of money and she often had to fend for herself and take care of her siblings. Her mother never worked and her father never held a steady job and was an alcoholic. Jeannette worked in her childhood, began cooking her own meals at the age of three, and did everything that she could to leave the dying town she was in to search for a better life in New York. She taught herself how to be independent and worked hard to overcome all of the obstacles that were in her way. The characters in this book faced a lot of poverty and their health was affected by this. Her family would skip out on hospital bills whenever they got sick or avoided health care altogether due to their lack of
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