Ethnicities In America

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Accordingly, the ideals of America used to be we were many ethnicities, all blended into one, but now we are a bunch of discordant ethnicities living in one country under one name just with different groups. Two essays on this topic are A Quilt of a Country by Anna Quindlen and The Immigrant Contribution by John F. Kennedy. JFK regarded that “everybody is an immigrant or the descendant of an immigrant” (JFK page 23). Quindlen characterized that “America was held together by a notion that all men are created equal and that America is made up of bits and pieces” (Quindlen page 13-14). America transpired a unique nation made up of different parts. Nevertheless, America is a very unique country because of it being a nation of immigrants mashed into one country under one name. Consequently, other nations acquired division because of having more than one ethnicity in the nation. Moreover, according to Quindlen “one of the things our nation stands for being this vexing notion that a great nation consists of entirely of refugees from other nations, that people of ethnicities can live together or on opposite sides of the street” (Quindlen page 15). JFK culminated out that “every ethnic…show more content…
Leo Castillo culminated this as “Their kids are doing well in school. There making it. Sound familiar?” (Leo Castillo page 15). This is a defining ideal, all immigrants are still able to moving up in the social chain and their kids are blending in. JFK reluctantly said, “The continuous immigration of the 19th and 20th centuries was thus… that American society is a process, not a conclusion” (JFK page 28). For that reason the immigration has changed our country into the modern age. The immigrants are US history. Conversely, the US would not be the same without the actions of a brave few and will never be the same as it was yesterday with the immigrants who have molded are
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