Ethnicity And Creativity In Borderlands La Frontera By Gloria Anzaldua

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Respect between Ethnicity and Creativity Everyone has their own time to express themselves and let their mind flow. Everyone has their own techniques of showing their creativity. People like to write and draw to express their emotions in a way they can share with others. People believe in what they can see and feel. Especially believes they hold. They’d like to defend themselves. They whole pride in how they feel. In chapter 6 of Borderlands La Frontera by Gloria Anzaldua, she used to replace her bedtime with reading and telling story to her sibling. He sister would threaten to tell mother if she wouldn’t read to her. Soon it was addicting wanting more and more stories to the point she had to build up her story with suspense and climax for few days. She preferred sparked imagination rather than sleep. She sees all her writings as a work of art. It was a creative visual and not abstract thought. Daydreaming in her imagination she sees it as a movie and journey. She also likes to draw to…show more content…
A safe places to share your thought and creativity. People should not be judged by their beliefs. There shouldn’t be just one ruler and people just follow and accept that belief and throw away their beliefs. Their way is night the right way and she should have your plan and say in life. Without using your brain you’ll just be like an educated slave doing as your owner say. Your beliefs should be embraced to make this world diverse. You shouldn’t be unheard; everyone should get a chance to be heard. Therefore, in the United States we get to vote, there are debates, polls, choices, and even you can even go on strikes to express your opinion. There are comment sections below on websites like YouTube to get both negative and positive feedback. It can’t be one-sided and unjustified. You give and take to be fair to your people. You don’t want everyone rebelling against you all at

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