Ethnicity In Chinese Culture

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Chinese, the ethnic groups with the most people in the world, is one of the oldest ancient cultures that existed before Christ(BC). According to G. Yan, & C. A. Santos (‘China, forever’: Tourism discourse and self-Orientalism, pg 308), “The presence of ethnic Chinese asserts a multicultural China. Thus, Chinese ethnic minorities are promoted and represented as a multicultural entity encompassing diverse cultures, faiths and traditions, representing a common and united Chinese identity.” The cultures have been passed down generations, regardless of where they may be. In simple terms, there is always the presence of Chinese culture when there exist of Chinese society, although the cultures differ from place to place, province to province or even city to city. It is claimed that Chinese culture is diverse and varying when it comes to comparison with the Western culture, in the state of customs, style of living, beliefs, arts, language, architecture and so much more. Chinese society often has strong cultural awareness, and they have that unspoken rule on keeping that tradition alive, which has still allowed the culture to thrive through the generations and that’s the reason that makes Chinese culture unique. When you ask any non-Chinese about what they know about Chinese Culture, most of them will have Chinese New Year springing in their minds. During the weeks that leads up to that festive holiday, millions of Chinese in China will embark on a journey back home to

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