Ethnicity In Public Schools

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There are many demographic issues that come into play during the school years. These kids are growing and coming to know who they are. Sometimes it is hard to realize that you are different and do not fit in the mold that everyone else seems to come from. One of the big issues is ethnicity. Ethnicity is a huge factor in the fact that students come in many skin tones, religious backgrounds, family situations. Many tend to migrate towards those of the same affiliations. This can lead to some people feeling left out or unwanted by certain groups. The world is changing and we are learning new information about people and cultures. Things continue to change and our “knowledge about new immigrants will challenge our public schools (Allen-Meares, 2013).”…show more content…
Many teens are feeling more accepted and safe enough to come out to their friends and peers than in the past. Another issue is gender with more students transitioning into the other gender and being open about their feelings and their struggles. There are more issues coming from these students who are looked down upon or not welcomed with open arms. They did not feel comfortable one way and society is making them feel worse when they should feel better. Students are brave and need to be accepted by their
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