Ethnocentrism In Monk Comes Down The Mountain

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Judging other cultures to one’s own culture is something that is very common in the world because everyone will not understand how other people do things because of how weird it is to them and how they do those things their way. This is and explain of Ethnocentrism, which is a reflection other cultures with one’s own culture; many people will compare their cultures to other cultures based on the values, standards, and norms of those cultures. In every culture, the living style is a lot different from the next; many people do things in different ways, for example, the way parents in The United States show the discipline to their children is not the same way parents in China punishes their children. Both cultures might compare each other’s way of punishment and may think that the other culture is weird. However, that is what Ethnocentrism is mainly about one culture comparing and contrasting with other cultures. What are Concepts of Ethnocentrism? Many people around the world have different styles of living; this includes: work ethics, belief, religion, dressing habits, types of food, greetings, and much more. Also, other cultures may have a different discipline style; for example, in the movie “Monk Comes Down the Mountain” the father required the…show more content…
For example, to make money they would sell different things such as pig head meats to the people in the community. This movie also showed how Chinese people worshiped and believed; for example, when they did wrong, they went to pray to Buddha to ask for forgiveness of their sins. Whereas for most people in the United States they worship the Heavenly father or either they are Atheist, Muslims, or etc. The movie showed that Chinese people believed that their fortune teller was the one who granted them their wishes and that who they pray to allow them to have a baby of their
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