Ethnocentrism In Us Culture

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Ethnocentrism and its prevalence in U.S culture Ethnocentrism is judging another culture solely by the values and standards of one’s own culture. Individuals who are ethnocentric judge other groups in relation to their own ethnic group or culture. I think The United States likes to refer to themselves as the “big mixing pot” of cultures. I would agree, we do have a wide range of different cultures, but that does not mean that we do not “evaluate and judge other cultures based on how they compare to our own cultural norms.” I think us as Americans feel this way, because we are too scared to change what we have learned and known since birth. Most people in our society think of anything different than them, as weird or unusual. They do not want to even learn about the other cultures out there, because of the fact that they are different. In fact, I think most Americans are just ignorant and uneducated. Although, most of us view the Hispanic culture as “dirty” or “no good,” they jump at the first chance they get to eat their food. The legalization of all drugs would be a good example of why The United States is an ethnocentric country. We as a society look at drugs and anyone who is addicted as terrible, and that they are the main cause as to why we are a dying generation. We look at the countries that have legalized drugs as “stupid,” or “foolish.” There are several countries that have legalized all drugs, and in return it has benefited them by dropping their crime

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