Ethnographic Interview Paper

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We were in Palm Spring on the weekend of November 21 for the swim meet. For my Ethnographic Project, I decided to interview one of my daughter’s swim friend’s mom and my friend, Linyun. We talked about it before and the meet was the best place for this interview. She is approximately 45 years old lady, married with an Indian-American guy. Her back round of culture is Chinese and she is from Taiwan. Even though her husband is Indian, he has Western culture because he’s grow up here. They have a 12 year old daughter, Aseata. Linyun came to the State in 2009, while her daughter was 7. She met her husband and got married in Taiwan. They lived in Taiwan for 8 years and decided to come to the State for her husband’s work and their daughter’s education.…show more content…
Children have lots of opportunity to do compare to Taiwan. Her daughter competitively swims and plays piano. In Elementary school there is no pressure kids can grow independently and they enjoy their childhood. Since she is a housewife, she learned that, here parents involve at school and spend too much time with their kids’ outdoor activities. That makes her think nobody works. She likes that Americans like to help people in need. She feels so happy at Christmas time when she donates foods and toys to the people in need. She misses her relatives especially her father because he is old, he cannot come to visit her. She visits home every year and she says every time she goes back home, she feels that this is the last time she will see her father and that makes her so sad. She misses her food and convenient like public transportations. In Taiwan she can go everywhere with a taxi, a bus, or a train. When she came here, she had to learn how to drive. She thinks here, in the State, if you don’t have a car, and especially if you don’t know how to drive, you stuck at home and you cannot do anything without a car. She made many friends with different cultures here. She has lots of Asian friends also and they get together most of the times. She cooks Chinese, Indian and Western foods. She and her husband has some conflicts. Her husband is really old and she has to do many things by herself and she doesn’t like it. He wants her
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