Grounded Theory In Qualitative Research Essay

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The ethnographic method within the qualitative research mainly focuses on studying the social interaction of a group within a specific culture (De Chesnay, 2014). However, Polit and Beck (2012) pointed out that the main aim behind ethnography is to learn from individuals within a cultural group rather than to study them. Data collection method within ethnography involves field notes by living for a considerable period with the participants being studied, interviews with participants who can inform the researcher about their culture, observation of the nation, in addition to using other resources that might be relevant such as arts and news (De Chesnay, 2014).The ethnography uses culture as a lens to interpret results regarding participant…show more content…
The researchers’ main concern with the grounded theory is to identify a specific problem and try to understand the way used by people to continuously solve it (Polit and Beck, 2012). Grounded theory is applied when the researcher makes his way to the field where the study is taking place and collects qualitative data from individuals sharing the same experience (Yates and Leggett, 2016). However, this theory cannot be applied in the research above since the criteria of grounded theory does not…show more content…
Descriptive phenomenology is the method of choice in this study since the researcher is interested in seeking objective and unbiased findings within the participants’ answers. As well as searching for forms inside the meanings of the studied phenomena by asking participants who have experienced phenomena using open exploratory questions (Guignon, 2012). However, if the researcher aims to reveal the hidden meaning instead of the normal one and go beyond from description to interpretation then interpretative phenomenology is the method of choice (Cooney,

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