Rhetorical Strategies In Advertising

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Throughout the car industry, advertising is a necessity for staying in business. Competition is fierce in this industry and advertising often acts as the primary means of marketing cars to the consumer. Advertising takes many forms such as television ads, billboards, radio ads, and even physical paper ads. These ads target many different groups of consumers such as men, women, families, and other specialized cases. Two of the largest groups that are targeted are men and families. The ads targeting these groups use different methods, but both rely on logos, pathos, and ethos. Based upon examination of these two different groups of advertising it is clear to see that the ads targeting men are far more effective. This is due to the more frequent use of rhetorical devices such as logos, pathos, and ethos.…show more content…
These elements are very convincing and make direct emotional appeals. The center point of this ad is the bright yellow car right in the center. By using a bright color to highlight the product they immediately cause it to stand out from the rest of the ad. Choosing yellow as the primary color also helps to create a sense of excitement and adventure that emanates from the car. The color delivers a strong message to the target consumer that this car will satisfy their need for excitement. Other parts of the image also play an important role. The futuristic background of the ad helps to sell the advanced technological feel of the car more effectively. It helps to highlight that this is not an average car and its unique design. The message that sent to the consumer is that this car belongs in the future, but it is available today. By placing this advanced vehicle in a futuristic setting and having it appear as though it belongs there creates very strong imagery. Because of the extensive use of pathos in the visual aspects of this ad, the case for the consumer to purchase this vehicle is vastly

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