Ethos And Pathos In Emma Watson's Gender Equality

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Gender equality has been a worldwide issue for many years now. Different figures, such as Emma Watson, have been educating society on this ever-so-present issue. Emma Watson has been using her platform to help teach and make known this topic to people, specifically by putting her time and into her feminism campaign, ‘HeForShe’, and giving speeches on the topic. Emma Watson uses the techniques of ethos and pathos to convey her purpose. Emma Watson uses ethos to illustrate her ideas effectively and show herself as credible. In her speech, Watson states one of her accomplishments, “I was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women six months ago” (Watson 2). This immediately builds her credibility and establishes ethos. This establishes ethos because she quickly shuts down any doubts that the audience may suspect about her, due to the fact that she is a well-known celebrity. She also admits she lacks political experience, which displays her honesty to the audience. She expresses, “You may be thinking, ‘Who is this Harry Potter girl, and what is she doing speaking at the UN?’” (Watson 15) This quote exhibits that she wants to be as honest as possible. Some may think that it actually helps her that she is detached from the political world. This is because she builds her ethos by using her own accomplishments and honesty. These attributes about her prove that she truly cares about the subject and is willing to work for what she believes in. This displays ethos because the
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