Ethos And Pathos In Revlon's Mascara Commercial Campaign

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During the 21st century, advertisements use many methods to attract the audience. Companies, especially cosmetic companies, use their advertisements to manipulate their viewers to make them think that they need their beauty products. Revlon is a perfect example of these cosmetic companies that play with your mind. Revlon’s mascara commercial campaign utilizes ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is shown in many advertisements of Revlon’s mascara campaign. In one of Revlon’s commercials, Jessica Biel and Pharrell Williams are featured. Biel looks glamorous in her long black gown and sexy as ever. Furthermore, Williams looks handsome and dashing as ever which shows the company’s credibility. Revlon is trying to show their audience that celebrities, like Jessica Biel use Revlon beauty products, which makes the beauty products trustworthy. One wonders what is Williams doing in Revlon’s mascara commercial? Revlon is trying to show the audience that if women were to use this mascara, men like Williams would be love-struck and be speechless about them. Revlon is aiming to reach out to women who are around the age of late twenties to early thirties. Revlon shows to be pretty reliable because well known celebrates are promoting their beauty products.…show more content…
Revlon uses women’s emotion to hook them into purchasing their beauty products. Society has told women that they must look young and sexy throughout their lives. Revlon uses gorgeous women to show that their beauty product makes them look as beautiful. In the commercial, Biel’s is all dressed up with a full face of makeup give the audience a feeling of wanting tot look attractive. Also, Williams is making women feel that they could attract handsome men like him. Emotions and insecurities of women are played with in cosmetic commercials. By the end of the commercial, many women’s only hope is to look as perfect as the beautiful women in the
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