Ethos In Never Cry Wolf

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The book “Never cry wolf” 1963 by Farley Mowat is about a scientist who is sent a mission to Canada to see if wolves are savage killers of Caribou. He finds out that they are not savage killers. The most convincing part of his story where the facts. One way he used Logos In the book he was looking for the wolves he was sitting in one place for a couple hours and when he turned around there where the wolves and they were sitting there watching him.”Sitting directly behind me ... were the missing wolves” (70) As you can see wolves aren't as bad as everyone says because they did not attack him. One way he used Patnos in the book when he used emotion to make you feel something sertion so that you would like wolves and that made me sceptical. He liked to personified the wolves which made it harder to believe. “I found myself calling her Angeline…” he started naming the wolves and we all know when you name something you get close to it…show more content…
“But Ootek assured me I wrong,” The fact that he used Eskimos made me believe more of what he said. As you can see there are a lot of different ways in how Farley Mowat used Logos, Pathos, and Ethos in his story “Never Cry
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