Ethos Pathos And Logos Essay

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The presence of advertisements in society influence people into buying, supporting, and inclusively stir them to take action towards a certain object or cause. Among many advertisements that exists, the use of logos, ethos, and pathos exists in order to achieve their purpose. In the advertisement that I chose to analyze the use of logos by the creator creates an amazing impact. Facts such as “one out of every three girls will be sexually assaulted” and “1 out of 7 children are abused” obtains the audience’s attention since such facts cause a shock value among majority of the people. With such surprising sentences the designer is seeking for people to take action and this is mostly seen when the last line of the advertisement is “you can’t afford to ignore it.” If the creator would have left out the two lines that use logos the advertisement would not have the same impact because the creator would have no proof to support his claim. Through the use of logos the designer uses evidence to support his claims while establishing credibility. The establishment of credibility by the designer is somewhat credible. The creator uses facts to support his claims, earning him some respect because he has evidence in order to sustain his advertisement.…show more content…
He achieves an emotional appeal by including the picture of a girl around the age of ten years old. The girl has messy hair and a white with black dress. The messy hair signifies the possible torture of the little girl. It leads the audience to believe that she was probably pulled by her hair. In addition, the white dress with the black dress causes a strong impact. White is normally used to invoke innocence, but the fact that the girl’s dress has black in it signifies that she is slowly losing her innocence. This cause the audience to sympathise with the little girl and to some extent what to help her
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