Ethos Pathos And Logos In Zeitoun

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Zeitoun Essay
In the book Zeitoun, by Dave Eggers, Eggers informs his readers about Muslim Americans living in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina and how they are treated. He emphasizes many flashbacks from Zeitoun's past, which helps persuade readers on why Zeitoun is so passionate about helping the community and why he works hard to provide for his family. Eggers presents his argument by appealing to logos and pathos, by supporting his argument. Eggers purpose is to convey to his audience that Muslims should not be stereotyped, as it was revealed through Zeitoun's life experience.
In part one of Zeitoun, Eggers establishes the daily lives of Zeitoun and his family in New Orleans. Eggers mainly focuses on the past and present of both Zeitoun and Kathy, by describing in a detailed narration. The threat of a hurricane coming New Orleans way, Zeitoun's wife Kathy leaves, while Zeitoun stays behind to manage his contracting business. Eggers creates a mad tone for readers and to bring emotion in them. For example, in the text Eggers writes, “His frustration with some Americans was like that of a disappointed parent. He was so content in this country, so impressed with and
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Muslims are not being treated right due to their religion and race. Eggers wants his readers to know the struggle people of color face. Many Muslims are stereotyped in an everyday situation and are treated with no respect. There are times when Muslim women would get harassed for just wearing a hijab, which is part of their religion and nobody can change that. Eggers want to teach his readers and give them knowledge about the Muslim society. No matter religion or race you are, everyone should be treated with the same respect and should not be stereotyped for what they belief. Eggers teaches us a lot about Muslims and wants us to take all this knowledge in an everyday situation of a Muslim being harassed or
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