Ethos In Julius Caesar Persuasive Essay

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What would he do if his close friend was just murdered by a group of people he knew? In the play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare, Caesar (the title character) was killed by a group of conspirators. Caesar’s closest friend, Marc Antony, was enraged by his death and wanted revenge on the conspirators who killed him. However, Antony couldn’t kill the conspirators so he turned a crowd of confused mourners into a chaotic mob with a well spoken speech. In the speech he used ethos, patho, and logos. These persuasive techniques were used to swade the crowds thoughts and action toward the conspirators. Antony used one of the techniques ethos, which was a technique that is ethical and moral. This was to make himself, Brutus, and the conspirators known to the crowd. “For Brutus is an honorable man; So are they are, all honorable men”(3.2. Line 85-86). Antony keeps calling Brutus and the conspirators honorable men but towards the end of his speech, he turns the word honourable into a insult. Antony does this to show the crowd…show more content…
So he started to mix in another technique called pathos. Pathos is appealing to the character emotion. “My heat is in the coffin there with Caesar, And I must pause till it come back to me” (3.2. Line 109-110). Antony said this to start showing his own feeling toward the death of Caesar. He also hoped that this would make the crowd feel for him and start feeling sad about the death. “It is not meet you know how Caesar loved you. You are not wood, you are not stone, but men” (3.2. Line 144-145). Antony starts to bring in Caesar’s feeling to make the crowd feel love for Caesar. He also says the opposite of Brutus when he say would you have Caesar live and die a slave. Antony says this as if Caesar told him, that the people are human, not something that can be bought or sold. Pathos helped the crowd get somewhat angry and wanted to hear more of what Anthony had to
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