Ethos Pathos Logos

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“A picture is worth a thousand words” ever heard that saying before if so it is because that phrase can be considered true. When someone looks at a magazine, they see articles, essays, and visuals based off of products or events that have recently taken place. The visual is an advertisement which explains why a person gains so much information from it rather than having to read the article that maybe followed by it. An advertisement is a visual representation for a product that a person is either trying to sell or persuade someone to buy. The root word in advertisement is advertise which is a verb and it is the action of drawing attention to a prototype, service, or an event. Advertising is a way people will get information on a new product…show more content…
There are three different appeals that advertisers use and they are Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Logos is an appeal that attracts logic, intelligence, and reasoning. Pathos is an appeal that attracts passions and emotions, and Ethos is an appeal that attracts values, ethics, or the kind of person the audience is. In this advertisement the advertiser is using the Ethos appeal because it successfully appeals to athletes and physically active personnel. Additionally, the visual relays a message that if someone drinks the beverage they can win but they also use an image of a young male athlete that looks as if he is fatigued from working hard to win. This ad does a great job with the Ethos appeal because the target audience which is the people of any race or social class that range from the adolescent age to a full grown adult that may have a physically active lifestyle whom can afford one of the three beverages that Gatorade creates would want the beverage because after assumption of the drink a person gets enough energy to continue their task with full effort to get their best result or win. Advertisers have to have a reason as to why so much money is spent on advertisement, mainly because it does a great job marketing for the product and that is represented with a visual from the brand that gets numeral people talking a thousand words
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