Ethos Pathos Logos For Homelessness

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Homelessness Homeless people are widely known in the United States, as much as in any other parts in the world, where it is also a common issue. The issue is so common that when people drive or even walk through the streets they see many homeless people with no roof, and no food. People often see other people like this no matter where they are at, giving them the thought of what if they were the ones going through that. Most of the time when they view stuff like this it leads them to having a feeling of sorrow. In the Public Service Announcement (PSA), “Homelessness,” produced by the Yakima Valley Community College, the college student’s presentation of pathos overshadows their less successful representation of logos and ethos concerning the topic of homelessness.…show more content…
Furthermore, pathos is presented by having homeless people sleeping in the streets, and not being able to have a roof. Many people go through being homeless, but regarding the circumstances they are in it only gives them no other way but to live like that. Homelessness is not just because people are not capable of searching for a job, or being unemployment, but also having to face substance abuse and family separation. For example, if they are not capable of affording a house it only leads them to sleep in vehicles, shelters, and even in the streets. Homeless children have a higher chance to suffer, because they can easily get sick, mistreated, or even abandoned by their parents due to the difficulties that they are facing. In another case, the video shows pathos by the children having to sleep in a cardboard box, whereas their parents sleep next to them on the ground. The video gives the viewer an emotional feeling, by the children having to sleep in a box and on the ground. It shows everything that no human should ever go
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