Ethos Pathos Logos In Politics

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In our unit Rhetoric and Politics, we learned about ethos, pathos, and logos. We also learned about logical fallacies and political platforms. It was very interesting to learn about and now I see these devices all the time when looking at advertisements. In order to learn about advertisements we got to watch a lot of video advertisements. After watching and breaking down advertisements and the specific thoughts, mechanics, and fallacies advertisers use to motivate us to buy products, we got to make our own video. Our videos are about political parties running for president. We had to use two of the three ethos, pathos and logos, as well as five logical fallacies. Our assignment was to write a storyboard and produce a campaign video. My overall opinion of this assignment wasn't very positive. I did like the idea of writing the storyboard but I hated the idea of making a video. I planned to first write my storyboard. I was writing about a female who was running for president. I used pathos, logos and for my logical fallacies I used everyman, bandwagon, ad populum, slippery slope, and straw man. My candidate believed we need to focus on america and …show more content…

I did this so I could get a better grip on my project and so it would make sense. Not only did I re-write it but I typed it up in classroom; that way I wouldn't lose it like my previous versions. After I finished my storyboard I turned it in and filmed it the next day. I filmed the video on my phone which isn't a bad idea but if you don't have wifi or have bad service it can take forever to upload. Once I upload it to drive I will place it in wevideo add some music, and turn it in. If I were to give someone advice about doing this project I would tell them to take it seriously and not procrastinate. It isn't a very hard project and you could get it done in a day or two if you don't over think the work. You should also ask for help if you need

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