Ethyne Glycol Research Paper

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Toxins are present in everyday life in a variety of places. Ethylene glycol, commonly found in antifreeze and other household products. Ethylene glycol can be toxic to humans, as well as pets. With antifreeze founds in many households, it is common for pets to find and ingest this toxin. Commonly found in garages where antifreeze is kept, the sweet tasting liquid is often was entices pets to drink it up. Even in the smallest amounts, ethylene glycol has been proven toxic. Dogs often lap it up in the garage if it has spilled on the floor and cats can come into contact with it simply by stepping in it and then licking their paws, therefore ingesting it. Ethylene glycol, [(CH2)2(OH)2], is a colorless, water soluble liquid that can cause a variety of symptoms that can prove to be fatal. Signs and symptoms come in a progression of time. One of the primary symptoms that presents itself is the appearance of seeming drunk due to the ethanol in the compound. Cardiac, respiratory and gastrointestinal problems can present themselves within the next 72 hours post ingestion.…show more content…
The glycolic acid and oxalic acid are toxic to the body system. When the glycolate is metabolized, a precipitate of calcium oxalate crystals forms in the renal

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