Etiquette-Noun Definitions

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Summer reading For Chains by: Laurie Halse Anderson. Sarah Kolanowski Vocabulary Proprietor- Noun. The owner of a business. Sovereign- Noun. A supreme ruler, usually a Monarch. Insolence- Noun. Mean or rude behavior. Etiquette- Noun. The customary code of polite behavior in society. Surly- Adjective. Bad-tempered and someone who isn 't very friendly. Ruckus- Noun. A disturbance or commotion. Avert- Verb. To prevent or avoid or to turn away your eyes or imaginations. Smolder- Verb. When something is burning without smoke or a flame. Sedition- Noun. A speech or conduct that tells people to rebel against the authorities. Propriety- Noun. The details or rules of behavior conventionally considered to be correct. Vermin- Noun. Wild mammals and birds that are harmful to crops and farm animals. Compote- Noun. A desert that is made of stewed fruit that can be topped with syrup or more fruit. Disembark- Verb. To get off of a form of transportation. Destitute- Adjective. A lack of something or not having something. Victuals- Noun. Provisions…show more content…
Caring(pg.33 paperback, Isabel said she was laughing at Madam Lockton even though it was really her sister Ruth who was laughing. Since she said that she was laughing Madam Lockton slapped her. Isabel said that she was the one who was laughing because she didn 't want Ruth to get hurt.); brave (pg.295, Isabel breaks into the jail and takes Curzon. Once out of the jail she steals a paddle boat, so that she and Curzon can try to find her sister Ruth. Isabel does this even though she might get killed if they found her which makes her brave.); Obedient(pg.153, Isabel goes to get fresh water for Madam even though she doesn 't want to do it and she is to weak to do it. When she has to carry the buckets back she has to take one at a time because she doesn 't have enough strength to carry both at once. Even though she was weak and didn 't want to get water she still did it which shows that she is
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