Ethnobotany: Field Study

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Medicinal plants have been practiced by almost every culture as a source of medicine since the origin of life. Literature from different field studies in the last few decades revealed that traditional people, local communities, indigenous knowledge around the world withhold the prime local plant knowledge, practically utilized in their daily practices and transmit their knowledge orally to others (Martin, 2004) (Lulekal etal., 2008). The livelihood for human populations is totally based on natural resources and biological biodiversity. Therefore, human beings have a great influence on local vegetation directly or indirectly (Delcourt and Delcourt, 1998). Ethnobotany is a flourished discipline of science which covers all type of interaction…show more content…
In Pakistan the literature of ethno medical plants is increasing day by day (Mahmood et al., 2011; Hussain et al., 2011; Fahad and Bano, 2012; Shedayi and Gulshan, 2012; Abbas et al.,…show more content…
The main perquisite in order to use a specific plant as a source of medicine is to know its prime organic constituents like flavonoids, essential oils, vitamins and glycosides. The distribution of medicinal plants is confined to a small area (Dhar et al., 2000). The easy availability, cost effectiveness and no any harmful side effects, medicines made from herbal plants are thoroughly used by the people all over the world (Ekka and Dixit, 2007). The local inhabitants of a particular area are well aware about the traditional plants they use for various purposes and they passed their knowledge from generation to generation (Singh and Dubey, 2012). A part from the local people the rural inhabitants of different parts of the country they had the knowledge of medicinal plants used for different disease (Dwivedi, 1999). A great deal of this knowledge is still not known to the people, as it is still restricted to older traditional people and Herbalist. Therefore it is important to preserve the indigenous knowledge in written form (Rao and Henry, 1997). Therefore the main objectives of the study

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