Etruscan Culture Essay

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Etruscan began in the 1000 and 100 B.C. During, this time Etruscan used Greek style as the base of their work. Etruscan believed in the afterlife, closely related to how Egyptian thought. Although, their afterlife was not told it is unclear on how they believed in the afterlife and what it could do. Just like Egyptian, Etruscans left similar style items along with the person in the afterlife. Such as, jewelry, mirrors, weapons, etc. However, Etruscan people cremated the dead, and burying them in the tomb or cinerary urns. Each urn has body markings that can hint if it is male or female. The urns are made of a bronze shaped to form a backed chair. The heads are made of terra-cotta and made just like how the person looked to keep it like the person is…show more content…
As well as, sarcophagi which is a funerary iconography. Shows the status of married couples as one, family unit was an important part of the art and society. They are treated like royalty with the long hair, smile, slanting eyes, soft curves, and an elegance of the body. Etruscan make them seem like they were never once dead, but very much indeed alive. When the tomb of the dead, tomb paintings are present to give off an afterlife feel. For example, Tomb of the Leopards shows both men and women on banqueting couches, servants, musicians, and the banqueters showing the way to the couple. The earthy tones of terra-cotta and ocher background, with small details of color blue, greens, and yellow. The difference in women from other cultures is that instead of them being much lighter skin tone, it’s a much redder skin tone. It’s called Tomb of the Leopards, because leopards are told to keep off the evil influences and to protect its tomb. Etruscans liked to remember the dead, to make it seem like death was a positive
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