Etruscans Influence On Roman Culture

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The Etruscans were a very influential association of people that lived in Northern Italy or had moved there around 700-750 B.C. The Etruscans developed cities throughout the north of the Magna Graecia and spoke a different language that was totally different from the Indo-European language family. When we look back on the roman culture its influence is very heavily by the Etruscan, which is very understanding because the Romans accompany the same land as the Etruscans in Northern Italy. With Evidence found through Archaeological evidence and some writing evidence from time ago, we see that Etruscans had influenced Rome. Its very influential because we see ideas and customs within Rome Culture. Throughout the conquering of the Etruscans, they…show more content…
Many of these Pre-Socratic thinkers shared mostly the same thoughts and were students of Socrates. According to the book World Societies “These Greek thinkers, based in Ionia, are called the pre-Socratics because their rational efforts preceded those of Socrates”. This gives a better understanding of what these people were and their beliefs. The four substances Fire, air, earth, and water these were the things Democritus and Hippocrates believed in. Democritus believed that this universe was made up of invisible, indestructible particles. (p.129) While the Hippocrates, often called the farther of western medicine, sought natural explanations for diseases and natural means to treat them. (p.129) Hippocrates believed in many things such as how people got sick and that it wasn’t by evil spirits. According to the book World societies “not caused by the evil spirts but buy physical problems in the body, particularly the four body basic fluids: Blood, phlegm, black bile and yellow bile”. (p.129) The Hippocrates had strong beliefs in natural healing and not as much as medical practices. The believing that skills and traits could be taught and having young men of Athens with the ambition to persuade were something the Sophists believed in. Found on the page (p.130) For the charging for a lesson the sophists were accused. The significant develop throughout this time was the different cultures from the Hippocrates and the Democritus. A very influential student of Socrates named Plato received and gain a lot of information about Socrates. Prior to Plato receiving this information, according to the page (131), he came up with two words the theory impermanent and external. Living at virtuous life comes from the intending perfect forum and this was another belief that Plato believed in. Knowing that Plato
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