Ettihad Airways Swot Analysis

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Etihad Airways
Executive summary
The report deals with the marketing plan audit which critically analyzes the “Etihad Airways” in terms of different aspects. Initiating with the PESTEL analysis it examines the Airways macro environment on Political, Socio-cultural, Ecological, Economical, Technological and Legal factors. It also surveys the Etihad Airways social responsibility, its key target markets, and the major competitors Emirates and Air Arabia airways were also analyzed. A SWOT and A SWAN analysis as well as the positioning will incorporate the marketing plan audit.
The main results that emerged were that Etihad Airways is operating in a highly competitive market. Where emerging stiff competition emanating
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Company’s sole shareholder is the Government itself of Abu Dhabi, was been extracted from its combined venture in “Gulf Air in the year 2005” and preserved its spotlight on Etihad Airways.
The focus of the analysis will be on assessing the company’s macro environment by means of a PESTLE analysis, determining marketing strategies and objectives as well as undertaking the SWOT, SWAN and competitor analysis. In addition this report will also focus on the differentiation and positioning, the target market and its social responsibility. The Service which will be critically analyzed will be the Diamond First Class , its positioning , its competitors and its market share in the UAE Aviation industry.
In the following part, Etihad Airways is being analyzed in terms of political, Economic, social, technological and legal factors.
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The following section, analyses the economic , legal ethical and philanthropic responsibilities. (appendix attached 6.2)
Economically , Etihad Airlines is operating to progressively give momentum to its expansion strategy and promoting its luxury brand Diamond First class services. Next to it E.A. (2014) purses to be as profitable as possible and maximize its earnings through its vision of Abu Dhabhi 2030, and also for its stake holders which incorporate , employees, guests, industry, association, partners and various groups. According to James Hogan CEO Eithad Airlines “As a company the airline has a to-day operations. With the continuing experience we must be prepared to play a part in the sustainability challenges that lie ahead.
E.A. operates in compliance with the legal and regulatory requirement. Apart from complying to the requirements of disclosing its renumerations and economic proceses. The Company adheres to the legal norms as structured by the Abu Dhabi Govt. It refrains from any unethical practices in relationships, actions and communications, refrains from offering any business favours to its suppliers or to the
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